Lucky Cat Shoulder Plush

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The Lucky Cat Shoulder Pack is a fun and functional plush that you can use on a daily basis. The pocket is on the belly of the pack, making it a safer pack to store your items. The comfort strap is very soft so it feels comfortable across your neck and chest. These packs look alive while they ride on your shoulder! The pocket measures 7"x4.5" and the non-slip adjustable strap is 4 feet, 6 inches in total length.

In Japanese, this cat is called "Maneki Neko" and is believed to be a lucky charm. When the black cat is in a position with both paws raised, that symbolizes protection of a home or business. The bell (made of fabric) on the collar represents treasure. The coin on the back represents wealth and material abundance. The coin reads "sen man ryo" which is translated as 10,000,000 ryo coins. "Ryo" is the name of a gold coin used during the Edo Period in Japan. Having 10,000,000 ryo coins was a huge fortune at that time.

This product is intended for 4 yrs and older.

US Patient Pending Design

All new materials, 100% polyester fiber.

This product meets or exceeds all US Safety Requirements (ASTM F963).