Asian Golden Furry Poseable Dragon

  • $45.00

Furry dragons are mischievous by nature. They are very curious dragons! They are coveted by man and elf alike for their companionship. They are very social creatures who prefer to be near their partner at all times. They enjoy flying but will likely use their partner as a comfortable perch when they land. These dragons come from all parts of the globe contributing to each type's unique aspects.


Long pile golden fur,This is a beautiful dragon with yellow eyes and gold detailing on the head. He also has green/gold wings. He also has a bent horn.

16 inches in length

His body is wired so he can be bent around wrists, backpacks, bags, purses etc.

The head is cast in resin from an original sculpture, painted in acrylics then coated in varnish

Each dragon is handmade, hand casted, and hand painted. No two will ever be exactly alike.

About Rocky Mountain Dragon Furry Dragon:
My furry dragon art doll is a pose able animation sculpture, and is an extension of my own creativity. No matter the color, shape or size, each dragon is one of a kind. Rather than children's toys these dragons are a 3D painting that incorporate a variety of medias. They demand a wide variety of skills incorporated with different technology to make the dolls come alive. Drawing, sculpting, mold making, casting, wiring, painting and putting it all together in the end. They start as a concept drawing are then sculpted using polymer clay. Each dragon has a unique personality hand-crafted and brought to life through my creative process!